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Rebecca Brochu – Finding Home

Finding Home - Rebecca Brochu

Reviewer: SheReadsAlot

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Review: If you like hurt/comfort featuring abused MC's, Rebecca Brochu's "Finding Home", hit my spot. A little heavy in the sweet towards the end, but overall, it gave me the story fitting for the characters.


Salem Rooks has picked up and left his life the moment his abusive, stalking ex comes around. His ex wanted to "train him" with his fists. (Trigger warning: abuse happened in the past and off page) He has restarted his life, moved, changed jobs too many times to count and yet his rich ex still finds him. In the latest attempt to jump start his life, he works as a paralegal and suffers from PTSD. One morning changes his life when he bumps into a homeless man, Wyatt.


He slowly opens up to Wyatt - sharing food, outerwear for the cold nights. And they develop a bond - both men had eccentricities and adapted. I won't lie, the homeless MC as a love interest made me stop and think some. Would I pick a hobo? I highly doubt it. But it's not my story.


Learning how sweet Salem was, it would totally be in his nature to befriend a homeless man as long as it was on his terms because he has trust issues. The romance progress was slow and believable once you stretch reality a little to think of a homeless MC as a potential lover.


The pacing was natural, the love scenes were spot on. The length gave enough for both MC's to show who they were. I felt like I got a sense of each guy. Learning why Wyatt was homeless was a little different but I'm sure there are more people with his story on the streets than we know.


Quibbles? Minor yet I have some. Wyatt...he didn't have any counseling. I felt like he should've. To make him go that extreme and then finally return to the land of the living? Also, the resolution with the ex. A little to fast and quick. Also, I would have liked to read what he said in those emails to Salem - to fully grasp how evil he truly was.


I really liked this story. It hit my major points for abused MC books - displaying their emotional trauma so the reader could understand, giving the MC the right length of time to jump into a new relationship and not sweeping their issues under the rug once the new man steps in.


The sticky sweet bits were toward the end (thank goodness).
I really enjoy the author's tone and would definitely read more from this author in the future.

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