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Emory Vargas – Waiting for the Right Boy

Waiting for the Right Boy - Emory Vargas

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM


Review: This is a very short, sexy story of Holden, a 19-year-old who has the misfortune to have his car break down while his cell phone is dead and he’s wearing the full makeup, a crop top and a skirt. Being saved by Dane, the father of his best friend, is a double-edged sword since Dane wants more than to just help out.

This is their initial hook-up scene and what I liked most about it is Holden. He seems like a 19-year-old. When Dane asks if he needs help, “I was just going to sit here until I died, to be honest.” As well as “It’s been like…less than a year since high school. I don’t know if I’m ready to level up to grownup names.” Plus the fact that he needs to leave “this hookup to the gym to ask someone how to get pecs.” I just liked him.

There is barebacking in this story, which I didn’t love. And I kept wondering, what in the world are they going to tell Dane’s son? But if you like daddy kink and a hot little scene, you should enjoy this one.

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