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T.A. Chase – Cead Mile Milte

Cead Mile Milte - T.A. Chase


Genre: M/M Contemporary


This didn't really work for me. I got zero feelz throughout this entire story, and just wasn't getting the chemistry like I would have hoped.


We got to witness every boring conversation they had, cheesy jokes and innuendo included. But then their first kiss is skipped over and just mentioned in passing. WTF.


And I was very distracted by both of their odd health histories. Finn is a 35 year old economics professor who had a massive heart attack that nearly killed him when he was 30. Nothing is mentioned of a congenital heart defect, and he even said "I didn't eat too unhealthy, but have stopped drinking alcohol and cut down on stress." Dude, it's not like he's on Wall Street or some other uber-stress job and you would have to eat and drink like crazy and be so unhealthy to have 85% artery occlusion at the age of thirty! Then apparently the intense marathoner Sawyer was pre-diabetic at age 35. Again, I find it not fitting with his character that he was so unhealthy at such a young age. Whatevs, but it was distracting.


Really my main issue was that I found both of these guys boring, and they weren't any better when together. I actually rolled my eyes when I saw there was an epilogue because I honestly didn't care. However, it almost got an "awww" out of me, until they ended up on another pointless tangent conversation in the middle of the sweet moment!