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Tara Lain – Knight of Ocean Avenue (Love in Laguna, #1)

Knight of Ocean Avenue - Tara Lain

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Contemporary


This was a really good story about a sweet young man, who has no idea who he is. He's been living his life for his family. But also perhaps running away from himself without realizing it. Billy was great, a very likeable character without being a Duddly Do-Right

I enjoyed watching his friendship and tentative attraction with Shaz. The two were an unlikely pair, but it worked. Shaz is phenomenal and my heart pitter-pattered at Billy's description of him, "He's his own holiday ... Christmas and the Fourth of July rolled into one."


I didn't love the focus on money, and that everyone seemed to think it was normal to date people for monetary or professional gain. But for the most part they ended up making the right decisions so we'll just let that go. I also didn't love the side story with the wedding drama, but again, it worked out so whatevs.


Despite Billy having a serious identity crisis, and his mom being a controlling biatch, this is pretty low angst. Not everything can be candies and rainbows, so I appreciated that the family wasn't too easy, but loved Shaz's Bible psalm-off with her! And it was one more obstacle for Billy to overcome in growing a spine and standing up to her.


The pace at which Billy came out was realistic. He slowly revealed in bits in pieces, sort of as it came up and he simply couldn't lie anymore. Generally it wasn't planned, which felt very natural to me. Some of it went a little too well, but overall it worked.


The sex was steamy and fun. I will say that some of the sex dialogue felt awkward with the "my knight"s but I did like how playful they were. In general the Knight/Princess theme was cute and not too focused on until the end so we didn't get bashed in the head with it till the HEA.


All in all a light, fun, sweet, and enjoyable read with good MC's as well as strong and likeable female secondary characters.

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