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Anna Martin – Les faits accomplis

Les faits accomplis - Anna Martin

Reviewer: Stephen

Genre: M/M New Adult


Jared Rawell leaves a Texas military school, where his father sent him to “pray away the gay.” to stay with his jet-setting absentee aunt and attend a prestigious private prep school near Seattle. Almost immediately he meets the "mean queen" of the school who warns him to avoid sleeping with Adam Hemlock, the richest and most out student at the school. What she doesn't tell him is that she's made a bet with Adam that he cannot make a conquest of the new guy.


With a plot summary which smacks of Gossip Girl meets Dangerous Liaisons, this story is surprisingly entertaining and not nearly as viscous as I initially expected. Both guys are charming, the rest of the school gang seems harmless enough and even the "mean girl" has her redeeming qualities. If like me, you always wanted more of the weekly plot-lines for Gossip Girl to center on the younger gay brother, you might enjoy this story.


This is an OK read but not a great story. The boys are bit too alike and none of the characters really gets that depth of development that makes a character unforgettable. To me the most interesting character is the relatively minor twin brother/tutor that has accelerated his learning and is now in college. The scenes where he was tutoring Jared were possibly the most interesting in the book to me.


As with much YA fiction and television that deals with high-school students, parents are almost entirely absent in the plot.

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