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Mell Eight – Melting the Ice Witch (The Dragon’s Hoard, #4)

Melting the Ice Witch - Mell Eight

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Paranormal


This was a great well-rounded continuation to the series, where we get introduced to a new couple but also revisit the others. The couple we meet consists of Lor, the Ice Witch from The North who we met trying to buy/kidnap a Witch needed for his Tribe in book 3, Stealing The Dragon. As well as Kam, a young Animal-Speaker who prefers his life in the cold North to the desolate life in the city he had prior to being mistakenly kidnapped.


I liked both men a lot individually, and did enjoy their interaction. While I don't mind the sexual encounters being off-page, the problem we ran into here is not being able to see that chemistry develop fully. The men did seem to care for each other, but there was an element missing.


That being said, it was great to watch Kam realize his abilities, and I enjoyed experiencing his journey. Of course, Tori was great, as always. And I liked how all the previous characters merged together, in that they each represent different groups in this world who need to coexist.


Overall, I really liked this book. It feels like less of a romance than the others, but that's all right with me. Since I liked this series, the narrator, and the writing, I would love to see more from of this world. Maybe the White Dragon needs a story? Due to the complete nature of this story with all the other races, I have a feeling Ms. Eight is done, but we can always hope!

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