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Alix Bekins – Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars - Alix Bekins

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Contemporary

3.25 Hearts


I liked this, but I didn't love it.The premise is a good one, two friends make a bet that one will be matched well according to astrology after blindly going on a date with each hygroscopic sign. The majority of the book consists of Bailey going on his 12 dates. We get to see each and every one, and I actually liked this. It was fun and interesting, the good and the bad. It worked.


My problem was that the actual romance with the two characters happened so late in the book. And while they are good friends and therefor a large part of in between the dates involves them talking and interacting with John increasingly jealous... that's all that happens. The reader isn't sure if John knows he is jealous, since it's all from Bailey's POV. Bailey is completely unaware that John's odd mood swings have to do with jealousy, despite being a genius and commenting that John gets in a bad mood when Bailey's dates go well and in a good mood when his dates go bad.


No seriously, he's a literal genius. Don't worry though, they won't let you forget. Bailey refers to himself as genius a lot. It's kinda weird. But otherwise, despite being a pretentious, arrogant, ass a lot of the times (okay, all of the times, all of them), I actually liked Bailey. It worked. It's endearing in a way and I think a lot of that is because so much of his time is spent interacting with John, and the two of them had a good dynamic.


Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, there wasn't enough unresolved sexual tension for me. Despite John's jealousy, he mostly just pouts and leaves when he's upset. And doesn't give any hint to his feelings or attraction to Bailey the other times. Okay, he makes some comments that the reader picks up on but really are pretty subtle for Bailey to not just think he's being a good friend.


So when they finally get together I didn't feel a ton of sparks or that wonderful release of tension that should have been building the whole book. All of a sudden (despite being aloof and closed mouth about it the entire book), John decides to grow a set and pretty casually and with great aplomb reveal his feelings and intentions to Bailey. It felt kinda anti-climactic.


So an enjoyable book, but won't leave a really memorable impression. I did think the audio version was good. Perfect pacing and good variety of voices without being campy or over the top. I'd recommend the audio if you plan to read this book.