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Nic Starr – Charlie’s Hero (Heros #1)

Charlie's Hero (Heroes Book 1) - Nic Starr

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Charlie is a schoolteacher who lived in the big city but misses the connections you get in a small town. He wants to settle down and have roots and that’s exactly what he gets in his hometown. The added bonus? He is near to his best friend, Greg, again and that alone is worth the move. Greg is a wonderful character who has been there for Charlie since early childhood.

Josh is a paramedic who responds to a call at Charlie’s school when a young girl breaks her leg. Josh has it all, gentleness and calm in the face of crisis, gorgeous face, hot body and he’s nice besides. The man has it going on and Charlie definitely takes notice. They have a bit of a “is he or isn’t he” moment go on and then dating commences happily. We have a bit of a rocky road, of course. Josh lives with his brother, who has made his views on gay known in the past and it wasn’t a positive thing. So despite how close they are becoming, Josh is reluctant to put his true self out there for Andrew to reject. There are times when Josh is kind of a jerk about it all, such as when he throws Charlie’s parents response in his face. But Josh is driven by fear of losing Andrew, the only family he has.

Add in that Charlie now lives in the same town as his extremely homophobic, judgemental, throw you in the street parents. His run ins with them are heartbreaking. I wish this were fiction but it too often happens in real life. It made me want to slap them. When Josh faces the parents for Charlie, well, yes sir, hero fits.

This is the second book I’ve read from this author and I can see how she is improving her craft. The writing is smooth and I found no obvious editing errors. The story ends on a beginning, with Andrew’s story, and I can’t wait to read that one.

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