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Nico Jaye – Where There’s Smoke

Where There's Smoke - Nico Jaye

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Just OMG adorable. David has just moved to the neighborhood and hasn’t met many neighbors yet. He has, however, met Mrs. Pettifer and her barking dog. Said dog immediately scares David’s cat, Astrid, up a tree. And so David gets to meet neighbor Mr. Blue House, otherwise known as “hottie with a body” Zach the gorgeous fireman who promptly gets a twenty foot ladder to save the fearful Astrid. David is an academic who’s former relationship has left bad memories and made him unwilling to get close again.

There is an age gap between the two, although it’s a small one of about six years. One thing I absolutely appreciated was that the older of the two, Zach, is the one in better shape. “His flat abdomen and trim waist had David unconsciously sucking in his own slightly rounded belly.” Zach is everything David is not – he works out, is a firefighter, a football jock, a sports fan. Still, Zach is interested. Maybe.

Their experiences are so different in almost every area and they have to find common ground while they both deal with insecurities. I loved David’s nervous self talk, as he tries to convince himself he is still an island unto himself.

We need a special shout out for David’s friend and former coworker, Dolly. I loved her voice. She could tell by a change in David’s breathing, over the phone no less, that something was up. And she’s just funny. “And what kind of neighborly stuff are we talking about? Like, “whoops, you dropped your penis, let me help you put it away inside my mouth…” You tell him, girl.

This is a softly flowing story filled with sweetness and caring. There is little to no angst, just two men trying to find their way to each other with the help of Mrs. Pettifer. Again, adorable and fluffy. Plus – the author was able to realistically work the word “behoove” into dialogue!

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