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Annabelle Jacobs – Toy With Me (BFP: Secrets Collection)

Toy With Me (BFP: The Secrets Collection) - Annabelle Jacobs

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary

3.75 Hearts


Review: This is a very short story (63 pages on iPad) that tells the tale of Aaron, a second year student at uni, who has just moved in with some new housemates. Aaron is gay but hasn’t really told many people yet and he wants this year to be the year he can be himself. When one of the first things that happens is one of the roomies pulls out a giant pink dildo from his moving box, well, things are looking weird. Turns out Paul isn’t gay but the prankster who put the dildo in there, Rob, is, and he thinks its funny.

When Paul gives Aaron the dildo to throw out, you know what happens. To the garbage it does not go. Even though Aaron doesn’t tell the guys he’s gay, Rob figures it out nearly immediately. And Rob, bless his heart, has some concerned, mentor type conversations with Aaron. “…liberating, if cringe-worthy at times…”

Basically, this is a hot little intro to dildo sex and maybe, just maybe, the beginning of a relationship!

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