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Leta Blake – Training Complex

Training Complex - Leta Blake


Genre: M/M Sports


Complex and Lovely are two words that perfectly sum up this anxiously awaited for sequel to “Training Season”, one of my all-time favorite books. Sometimes it’s hard for a sequel to live up to the expectations of a first book that leaves such a lasting impression, but I’m thrilled to say that this book was every bit as outstanding as the original - *happy grin*!


So, why would I describe this story as “complex”?

• For one, there’s Matty and he’s about as complex as a character can get. He’s in a bad head space in this sequel and his resulting behavior escalates into increasingly destructive actions and clouds his vision to the extent that all that seems to matter is Matty, Matty, Matty.

• Control and Service – Matty’s version of the devil and the angel sitting on each of his shoulders – wreak havoc on his psyche. The one threatens to ruin his life (physically, emotionally, psychologically) and the other provides a more sane and peaceful alternative.

• The sparkle, and glitter, and happiness that surrounded Matty and Rob’s relationship is in short supply here. Rob hates the city and is losing himself more and more as he struggles to help Matty and be everything he needs. Matty’s need for more frequent hard resets tests the limits of their endurance as well as their Dom/sub relationship.

And what about “lovely”?

• Of course there’s the man himself – Rob. Devoted to Matty, completely unselfish, and determined to always do right by his partner – who wouldn’t love to call someone like him their very own?

• The scenes, oh my. Despite the increasing intensity needed to settle Matty back down, the scenes were so wickedly good. “Training Season” had its North Star moment – that wow that stuck with me. In this book, it’s the humbler… yeah, wow.

• Ultimately, the bond between Rob and Matty is made of strong stuff – their love truly endures through thick and thin.

• The resolution to their situation was something I predicted early on, but that didn’t lessen the pleasure in seeing it come to fruition. And the ending was absolute perfection! I’m a happy camper.


If you’ve read “Training Season”, you need to grab this sequel as quick as you can, and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for??? Total awesomeness and highly recommended!!

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