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T. Neilson – Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines - T. Neilson

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: M/M BDSM


An enemies to lovers theme--sort of.


Cole is adorable and slightly uncoordinated and really reminded me of a puppy. Full of cuteness and looking to be loved.


Daniel's the BAMF bounty hunter chasing down his prey. Except his prey wanders straight to him, and that's when he begins to doubt that his intel is good... or is his target that good?


So the mystery of Cole has got Daniel questioning what's going on, and his attraction to his target is clouding his judgment. Fun, lighthearted and flirty romance with a dash of guns and excitement.


Two things did not thrill me about the story. First, I don't like MCs who are writers. Writers writing about writers as main characters generally make me cringe. Not so bad here, but I it rips me out of story every time. That is totally a me thing, a pet peeve and most likely annoys few other readers. Second, the timing for the D/s was inappropriate. I liked professionals to be professional, and when they're not, you can't expect me to believe that they're competent at other times. So, the scene in the middle of a high alert situation--eye roll--though the sweetness with a tinge of rough was pretty hot.  Essentially, I lost the believability factor when Daniel acted so unprofessional. Ditto for his backup.


My rating is a 2.5- 3 stars, and I'm going to round up because the story had good pace, likable characters, and it wasn't trying to be hard core suspense.

Favorite quote:

“Well, honestly, I don’t think I’ve gotten off so fast since I was in high school. Gave myself a goddamned bell ringer in the shower right after.”


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