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Hunter Frost – The Courage to Heal

The Courage to Heal - Hunter Frost


Genre: m/m military


Wade Carter is in a very dark place as he’s unsuccessfully coping with a severe leg injury, physical pain, and a bad case of PTSD following a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He lashes out in his frustration and his dark mood continues to draw him very close to the point of no return. After an embarrassing exchange at one of his physical therapy appointments, Wade’s salvation comes in the form of a replacement therapist who rocks his world. Jesse has a true affinity for dealing with wounded vets, but Wade strikes a chord that soon has the doctor pursuing more than a professional relationship.


Wade’s pain and suffering was a palpable thing in this story and felt realistic on multiple different levels. I liked that he ultimately utilized several different components in a support network available to him to help him move forward. I also liked that he recognized the need to get himself in order before making any further commitment to a relationship with Jesse. I’d have loved to see a longer version of this story so that most of its guts and glory could have had just a little more substance, but that’s just because I really enjoyed the plot and the characters.


For those who enjoy stories about courage, hope and damaged heroes, this one will likely hit the mark. I’m particularly drawn in by military characters and really enjoyed this take on what could easily be a real life scenario.

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