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Mark Pace – Bobby and the Beast

Bobby and the Beast (A Gay Twink Romance Fairy Tale) - Mark Pace, Matthew W. Grant

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Paranormal

Rating: 2.75 Hearts


Review: Prince Christopher is not only arrogant and conceited, he is a first class jerk. When a weary traveler is insulted and turned away for being ugly, it turns out he is quite capable of cursing the Prince, which he does. I liked the curse, because not only is the handsome prince now an ugly beast, but he also must find someone to love and be loved by to break it, with the added caveat that once the ever dry hankie is wet with tears, the curse is permanent. Stressful!

While the idea of Beauty and the Beast appealed to me, there was something missing in this story. I didn’t connect with the writing, which at times appeared to be somewhat undeveloped. Written as a parody, it seems, the story worked best, ironically, when Bobby the Twink was not being mentioned. When discussing just the beast or even Bobby’s father, the story was less enthusiastic and more subtle, for lack of a better word. There are so many over the top aspects that at times I put the book down. The writing is rough in spots and there are time jumps that made things more OTT. The Beast turns from bad to wonderful too quickly and Bobby fickle to “he’s mine” in a heartbeat! But that aside, it is a fairy tale and so that is to be expected.

For those who enjoy their fairy tales mixed up MM style, this version may satisfy, as long as the reader goes into it knowing it’s definitely not taking itself seriously.

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