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Posy Roberts – Tangled Mind

Tangled Mind - Posy Roberts


Genre:M/M Contemporary

Rating: 3.75


Review: "Tangled Mind" starts with the harsh reality of heroin overdose. It makes a statement. This is more of a quiet read. I was nervous this would make me cry or twist my heart, but I was rock steady. :)


The words, though. This is my first Posy Roberts, won't be my last. I enjoyed her technique a lot. It reminded me of some my favorite quieter impact romance writers. Nothing too dramatic to try and make a story but the author uses real life situations and reactions to get the story done...you know those types. :)


Tangled Mind starts with a death and it ends on a quiet high note of sweet romance.

Beck has been a caretaker most of his adult life to an addict, dysthymic boyfriend. After his boyfriend dies, he doesn't know how to cope not being in a relationship. A grieving codependent, the artist/high school art teacher rediscovers himself through counseling and support groups. And with the help of friends, especially his long time friend & furniture maker Timothy. But Timothy has been harboring a long time love for his friend. When the two move in together, they become closer. Beck sees he had something special right under his nose the entire time once he heals.


I enjoyed the pacing. I actually liked the length of the story. I don't think much more could've have been added to make much of a difference to the HEA. Maybe if the reader got to see some of Brady (dead boyfriend) and Beck together, it might've made the story edgier? Give a different angle? The story is told strictly from Beck's POV in first person POV (a favorite POV of mine) Yet somehow it left me medium-well rather than well done.

I can't pinpoint what exactly didn't make a stronger impact to me. The subjects of drug use and its victims (users and their loved ones)/ mental health/ grief are serious. I love books that showcase them and show main characters who aren't your regular cookie cutter types. It might just be a me thing (I don't think so but I'll give an out) but I couldn't connect to present day Beck. When he grieved, I fully understood him. Hell, I've had days like that, trying to reconnect to real life after a death.


Something about him was off. He said the right things. He didn't jump into the sack with the first willing body. He didn't cause drama. He was closer to sainthood than I'd like but I'll ignore it. He sought counseling which I support and started his relationship in a healthy manner.


But...Beck, sometimes I felt like I barely knew him.


I don't know how I ended up loving Timothy more than Beck, but I did. He's such a strong yet quiet presence. He was in the background when they were friends but I recognized him. I understood him. That silly hissy fit he had around 80%? I get where he was coming from but for a guy who argued about the mixer, wouldn't stand up or communicate with his friend after such an important event? It was to move the story along, I get it, but eh...it wasn't necessary.


The characters weren't one-dimensional in the least. The sex scenes were great. I like accurate portrayals of characters with a big D. Not everyone can take it like a porn star first time around, thank you. Loved main characters' friendship. It was rock solid.

As is the story. If you're in the mood for friends-to-lovers/ finding love after a partner's death, this is a story to check out.