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ARC Review: HL Holston and Eleanor Bruce – Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris

Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris - Eleanor Bruce, H.L. Holston

Review: Dante Moretti misses out on a big role mainly because he is considered a Lindsay Lohan– too much drama, too much negative publicity. He’s gay, sure, but that isn’t the problem. The problem is his “flavor of the week” boyfriends and subsequent blow outs are too much. He needs to show Hollywood he can be calm, safe and monogamous. But how to do that? Get his extremely awesome best friend, former child star Chris Parker, to play his boyfriend. Win-win, right?

Well, sort of. Dante uses some underhanded comments to get Chris to agree. Yes, he feels bad about it but you see with Dante , that’s the whole problem – he just spurts out what he’s thinking without actually THINKING about what may happen. As for his part, Chris is a great person and a loyal friend. He’s straight, except for some experimentation at Julliard, but he’s willing to do what is needed to help Dante.

I admit, I’d have given this 4 hearts just for Chris. He’s the backbone of this friendship and sometimes I wondered why in the world he didn’t just dump Dante, both as pretend boyfriend and friend. Dante is the stereotypical Hollywood actor. He’s pretty narcissistic, pretty selfish and never really satisfied. (And just as an aside, Dante questions, “It had to be made up. I mean, who named their kid Asher?” and I had to laugh, because yep, I have a cousin Asher. ) I was disappointed that Dante felt lying to their friend was okay, again, anything and everything to further his career.

Dante makes some truly jerky moves chasing this elusive movie part and it’s unfortunate that Chris always takes the brunt of the fall out. They have some funny moments while trying to get publicity (Jack? Jack is ADORABLE) and while they try to figure out what is going on with them. By the end, I was pulling for Dante as well as Chris, hoping he’d figure it all out. Dante, the gay man, has more soul searching to do than Chris, the “straight” guy and this seemed realistic because Dante is so focused on himself that looking beyond that took effort.

I found the story well written with character responses that were true to life. While the movie business is the backdrop, the focus is on the relationship.

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