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Eva LeFoy – Rescuing Kyle

Rescuing Kyle - Eva Lefoy

Review: Kyle comes from money but when his alcoholic father founds out he’s gay, he’s kicked out. He’s already been robbed once and now he’s about to be again. In the midst of a beating, he is saved by an angel. Angel? No, former soldier Derek, someone who knows a lot about pain. When Derek ends up taking Kyle back home, Kyle (a computer whiz) decides he’s going to make himself so indispensable Derek will have no choice but to let him stay.

There’s a big gap between these two, one that spans more than age. Kyle is young and comes from money. Derek, older and poorer. Kyle is a computer nerd with insecurities and an abusive family, Derek a physical man with PTSD and a lot of scars.

There’s a lot of sex for the length of the story but it makes sense, since that is what Kyle is determined to use as part of making himself worthy of staying. Derek shows his gentle side here, his compassion. I liked Derek a great deal, particularly how he worked to overcome the horror of his history. Kyle, at 19 still immature at times, was what Derek needed.

I enjoyed the epilogue and felt it fit their story.

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