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Castor James – Kindling

Kindling: A Love Story About Scars (The Fire Before Us Book 1) - Castor James

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary

3.25 Hearts


Review: Silas St Clare is an up-and-coming guitarist who is seriously injured while playing a concert. He lost not only his dream that night but his boyfriend and most of his friends as well. His one loyal friend, Miranda, gave him a tech job at her sound studio and it is here he meets Asher Danes, a rock star in the making.

The two don’t hit it off immediately. Silas has attitude, Asher required a lot of set up that he isn’t using. But as the time passes, we get to see there is more to these guys than meets the eye. Bit by bit, they become friends of sorts and then maybe a little more. Included in this setting is Miranda, and she’s wonderful. “More than anyone else alive, she knew exactly what that flame had cost me.” It isn’t sugar coated, what he lost but it’s not saturated in pity, either.

With just a little bit more, I would have loved this book. As is it, I liked it. I was a little bit lost at times in the beginning but as the story progressed I got caught up in it. I would have liked more character development and more Asher backstory for sure. I liked the music backdrop and adored Miranda!

The story ends as a sort of beginning, not a cliffhanger though, and it is noted that the story of Asher and Silas is to be continued.


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