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Cardeno C – Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows - Cardeno C.

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: MM Contemporary


When Ford Hollingsworth picks up a good-looking man at a bar sporting a rainbow sticker in an out-of-the-way area in New York, little does he realize that his life is about to change. Ford is a freshman congressman from Missouri—a Republican, and the son of the state’s senator. He’s already thirty-seven and has yet to date a woman, but no one seems to suspect that it’s because he’s gay. He’s only now coming to terms with how his God could allow him to be gay if it’s a sin, so he’s finally concluded that it isn’t a sin, or God would not have made him who he is.


But—and it’s a big but—he’s not at all ready to come out to anyone, least of all his parents and his constituents. So when he discovers that the man with whom he’s having sex in the man’s apartment is none other than Trevor Moya, billionaire venture capitalist, and son of the current President of the United States—and worse—a Democrat, he’s terrified that the whole encounter is nothing but a ruse to get him booted out of office.


Trevor manages to get him calmed down and convinces him to stay for the night. The two have amazing chemistry together and Trevor is completely taken by the sweet innocence Ford displays, as well as by his sexy body and the enthusiastic attitude Ford displays after he gets over his initial shock. Trevor has shied away from all things politics all his life. Having been raised by two people for whom politics is the be-all-and-end-all of their existence and as far from a typical television family as can be, he’s vowed never to fall into that trap, and so far, in his forty-three years, he’s been successful.


But memories of his night with Ford haunt him, and he decides to pursue the man all the way to DC. Knowing that Ford’s reputation must be protected at all costs, Trevor gets him a prototype cell phone from his R&D department which can’t be traced, so he and Ford can stay in touch. Not only does this seem to work, but the men find more and more reasons to spend time together and ultimately realize that they are in love. But will Ford have the courage to come out? And can Trevor stomach being so close to politics? And even more scary—can they find a way to beat the system and have a beautiful, loving, supportive relationship together and create a family of their own?


I loved this story, and to be honest, since politics isn’t the least bit interesting to me, that surprised me. But this isn’t about politics as much as it’s about relationships, emotions and dedication to that one person in your life who completes you. Cardeno C hit all the buttons with this one. It’s hot and sexy, sweet and sincere, and has a positively delightful happy ending.


If you love your M/M romance with two strong MCs, middle –aged but young-at-heart, who are completely in love with, and supportive of each other, you will love this one. Highly recommended.

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