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Angel Martinez – Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters (Offbeat Crimes 1)

Lime Gelatin And Other Monsters - Angel Martinez

Reviewer: Diane

Genre:M/M Parnormal


Kyle Monroe used to be a regular police officer, until an encounter with a strange gelatinous creature had him transferred to Philadelphia’s 77th Precinct. Vikash Soren has just moved to the 77th and gets partnered with Kyle. They are working on a case where a mysterious killer has been leaving mutilated bodies along the banks of the Schuylkill river and hopefully together they can solve this case before they have another victim – but they’ll have to find a way past their own quirks to do so.

The story is told from Kyle’s point of view.


As a fan of Angel Martinez’s writing, not surprisingly, I really enjoyed this book. For fans of her Brimstone series (Shax fans), you will likely enjoy it too since the drama is so well balanced with humor – and isn’t life like that anyway? However, don’t discount the story based on the fact there are some funny moments because they are working to solve a murder, with some very strange evidence.


One of the things I enjoy about Angel’s writing is that even with this, a shorter story than some of her work, the author still finds it important to fill out the scenes. Background stories are still brought in, supporting characters have substance to them, they get memorable lines or experiences within the story so you know that those characters are just as important as the lead characters. The whole story is important, so the story seems much longer than it is and to be honest, I was surprised when I was done! How can I be done already?!? So, it’s safe to say the story had a good pace while you do not feel like anything got left out, although you can tell that more could be shared.


Thankfully, this is the first in a series and the next book comes out June 21, 2015 – and it sounds like that one will be from Vikash’s point of view, which should be interesting!

While the focus of the story is Kyle, Vikash and their case, the case itself requires the entire team of the 77th Precinct to be part of solving it. I liked that being shown since there are some unusual personalities in this group, and naturally they don’t all get along all the time, but they put it aside for the sake of solving the case. That is another aspect I enjoy with this author, no matter how unusual the circumstances, there is always an aspect of realism to the story that makes it seem like this world is happening, right now, and you don’t really question that.


This story is listed as fantasy, so if you enjoy fantasy stories that actually seem real, and in this case, with a bit of humour, a bit of romance and a hot scene or two, I believe you will enjoy this book and likely, this series!

I’m glad that as I write this, I only have to wait a week for book two!

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