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TT Kove – Scarred Souls

Scarred Souls - T.T. Kove

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: This is the second edition of this story, which has been fleshed out from its original short story version. This is the story of how Damian and Josh met, through some difficult circumstances. Josh has a history of cutting and it’s pretty severe. He has been sexually and physically abused by his stepfather in the past and this is his way of coping, along with going to therapy. He also has a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, another layer of complexity added.

For his part, Damian has a pretty horrifying history as well and it turns him, if not cold then chilly. Silver, Damian’s best and only friend, is amazing and sweet (and oddly poetic, yes) and it’s Damian’s saving grace, I’m sure, to have Silver and I’d like to have seen more of their history. Damian came across as being much older than he was, possibly in part due to his past.


It is interesting, as well as challenging at times, to read as these two navigate their way through making a friendship and perhaps more while battling their own (and each other’s) demons. It was here I felt Damian carried a lot of the load for both of them. Damian considers himself asexual and has never wanted anyone that way, so he struggles with what he feels for Josh. Josh has a pretty supportive family, but his mom is scared for him, herself a victim of abuse.


This is not a simple story by any means.  This is pretty dark for the most part and there is no magical fix at any point, much as real life problems tend to be. Damian doesn’t instantly want to have sex; Josh isn’t cured of his BPD and cutting. There is a warning on the blurb “Warning: This story mentions abuse and cutting” but it’s more than mentioned, in my opinion. There is a cutting scene after Josh talks to his mom and I felt it was strong enough to be a trigger for some people.

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