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Jay Northcote – Helping Hand

Helping Hand - Jay Northcote

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary

4.25 Hearts


Review: Jez and Mac, roommates and friends who partied away the previous year at college and now they are paying for it. Jez literally, having to save the cash to cover his huge overdraft, and Mac in terms of grades. These two need to buckle down and get their acts together. What this means is they stay in to watch movies and study while the other roommates/ friends go out to party. It’s not quite as bad as it seems, because at least they are in it together.

Of course, staying in means spending time together and when a hot scene in a movie leads to a suggestion of watching porn together, well, maybe these guys are bent a little bit, though “straight” is the mantra, particularly for Mac.

It was very interesting watching Mac deal with his feelings about the whole thing. “Jez wondered why Mac had agreed to this when he was a million miles out of his comfort zone.” Exactly right, I wondered too, and then gave him big kudos for trying it. Mac likes it, but…” That Mac wasn’t comfortable with liking it was also evident.”

As the two get more and more into it, I liked Jez ever so much. Come on, googling “anal sex” to get yourself prepared? That’s precious. It is not only Mac who feels some shame for what he wants – Jez does too but I felt Jez handled it all more maturely. While there were times I wanted to smack Mac, I also liked the fact that his reactions seemed realistic. He wants to continue status quo, where he loves the girls and they love him, and he doesn’t want to face this new paradigm. Having Josh, the “resident gay” there is helpful for Jez but Mac doesn’t really have that. These were the times I wanted to shake Mac because he hurts Jez with his actions, even as I sort of understood his thinking.

Awesomeness in the fact that these two don’t jump into sex. It’s a little bit at a time, a little bit more next time, two steps back while we panic, okay, maybe again. It worked and worked really well. And definitely get the “aww” by the end, where they are both adorable. Once they buy in, they are all in and cutest, hottest things ever.

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