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ARC Review: K. Lynn – Coffee Date

Coffee Date - K. Lynn

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: Transgender


Review: Alice, formerly Al, is happy with her life now but it wasn’t always this way. She’s gone through bullying and torment before her transition and faced losing people she loved, including her parents, afterwards. The truth is something people didn’t always want to hear. Now she meets Hank, a barista, and his gentle flirting and sweet demeanor liven up her day. He’s a writer who lost his creative way while working corporate and now he’s following his muse.

The two of them begin this soft, slow journey and it’s sweet. There’s no rushing into sex, no insta-love. It’s two people getting to know each other and that was lovely. Alice has an amazing friend, Mary, who has some great advice when she tells Alice – you have to tell Hank about yourself. “If he finds out some other way, he’s going to be hurt and confused.” Yes, because they’ve been dating months and she hasn’t mentioned. When it finally happens, the outcome isn’t good.

Something I loved about this story is that I felt Hank’s response was realistic. He was hurt, angry and lashed out; just what I would expect from someone who finds their partner has been lying to them about something important. Worse for Hank, since he has betrayal in his history already. Did he say things in anger he shouldn’t have? Sure, but Alice waited way too long to tell him, so there is fault on both sides. I liked that it wasn’t a case of I accept anything because I love you. No, it’s a problem of lies and it has to be worked through.

The story is pretty short so there are things that aren’t covered, but I felt it was a decent beginning to this relationship. There’s going to be some difficulties but I’m pulling for these two to make it work.

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