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Eden Scott- Love Games

Love Games - Eden Scott

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Regis is a history nerd who wears bow ties and collects and catalogues stamps. He abhors video games and believes all those who play are brainless idiots (with the exception of his beloved cousin, Penny, of course). Since Penny is way pregnant with twins and her partner is out of town, it is up to Regis to keep her as happy as possible. To this end, Regis finds himself in search of a violent video game, Dead Knights at Castle Hill. To his surprise, he meets the beautiful Mars there and he wants this man. Too bad Mars is not only gorgeous but a gamer, a master Wizard, who would never want a history nerd, right?

The interactions between the two are sweet, particularly when you realize that Regis hasn’t wanted to be with anyone in ages. “Something unfurled inside me that’d been asleep for a hundred years.” When he “…was so excited, I kept hitting back space button by mistake and had to retype it three times”, well that was Regis perfectly captured. The fact that he has some insecurities to an idiot ex makes you want good things for him. Mars isn’t perfect, which was a good thing. He takes way too long on his hair, has a habit of being late and is “a right scatterbrain”. Liked him anyway, mainly because he’s good for Regis.

Also awesome is Penny, a former Marine drill sergeant who does not take kindly to being thwarted, “Look at me. I’m frickin’ Jabba the Hutt…This game’s the only thing keeping me from being featured on the six o’clock news.” Mars does show interest, so Regis just has to step it up and fake knowing enough. Since Penny is a dedicated gamer, she does attempt to show Regis how to play, at least enough to fool Mars. I liked Penny immensely, she loves her cousin.

This is a light, sweet story that I enjoyed even being on the side of Regis when it comes to video games (uhh, no) with likeable characters and a bit of humor. And Regis getting to get a bit of revenge? Perfect!

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