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Shira Anthony – Blue Notes (Blue Notes #1)

Blue Notes - Shira Anthony

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Contemporary


I honestly attribute the bump up in my rating to the narrator, I thought the audio version was done very well! His french accent was perfect (to my untrained ears) and both men came across as genuine and sympathetic (also a product of wonderful writing, of course).


Another product of wonderful writing was the transitions from French to English and back. I was aware that although the audio version is in English, almost all the time they are in Paris, the two of them are speaking in French. But certain times, it still reads "Je t'aime" or "gosse" in French. It made me feel entrenched in the language and the City and really changed the feel of their story in a positive way. Like I said, it felt very genuine.


Two things had me set this aside for a few days about 3/4 of the way through, thinking that their story was losing me.

1) Grenoble - I know the author wanted Jazz to have some self-crisis issue that Jules could help him through, to make sure their relationship didn't seem one sided, both to Jules and to the reader. But it was a little too slow for me. And I know stage-fright sucks and he kinda lost his dream as a kid, but it just wasn't tugging my heart strings the way I think it was supposed to.

2) The miscommunication/climactic drama - I was really annoyed when this happened, and we all saw it coming. But, I did like seeing how Jazz was doing and how he handled it, and it was smart we were only seeing his side of things.


And I have to admit, it did make the reunion so much more emotional and intense. I loved Rosie's role in this and in everything. What an amazing female character! Rounded off with a three-years-from-now Epilogue to check in, and I was very content by the end of this. Hearing it all in Jules's beautiful voice was just icing on the cake.

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