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Rhys Ford – Murder and Mayhem

Murder and Mayhem - Rhys Ford

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Where to start? How about with how much I loved this story? Rhys Ford climbed to the top of my favorite authors list last year, and she’s cemented her place there with this story.


Damaged thief, con man, and former cat burglar meets gorgeous cop and former nemesis, and this time their chemistry ignites, erupts, and burns hot and heavy.


When Detective Dante Montoya gets assigned to the murder investigation at Potter’s Field, a shop for discriminating collectors of antiques and memorabilia, he’s determined to pin the crime on the owner of the shop—Rook Stevens, former burglar, and the man who caused Dante’s former partner to falsify evidence to entrap him once and for all. The problem was that it was the cop who took the fall when the falsehood was discovered, and Dante nearly lost his career over the whole mess.


Now, he has a second shot at putting Rook behind bars, and he’s determined to do it. Rook manages to get out of the murder charge against him, in part because of his grandfather’s high-powered attorneys, a grandfather that he really wants no part of. But also because he simply didn’t do it, and when he’s shot inside his own shop not long afterward, Dante’s the unfortunate witness, and Dante starts to realize that he could be wrong.


These two once had an “almost” encounter in a dark backroom but managed to avoid going all the way when Dante discovered who he was mauling. The seeds of attraction were planted then, and they’ve continued to grow, so much so, that Dante wants Rook with an overpowering desire, and Rook wants him just as intently.


Of course, the two act on their attraction, but Dante wants more than Rook has ever been willing to give anyone. Abandoned by his mother, raised among carnie folk, taught to pick pockets before age five, Rook is the last type of person Dante should want, but he does. Rook resists, just as he resists getting into his grandfather’s clutches, a grandfather who has only recently come into his life. One of the highlights of reading this story was watching Rook finally capitulate and admit that he does indeed love his grandfather and that his attraction to Dante is more than simple sex.


This was an enjoyable adventure—enjoyable primarily because of the full three-dimensional depictions of the characters, including the secondary characters like Rook’s grandfather and Dante’s Uncle Manny, Dante’s partner Hank, and Rook’s assistant, Charlene. Also enjoyable because of the mystery adventure which doesn’t come to its explosive conclusion until the next-to-last chapter and enjoyable because of the beautiful, unique and imaginative way that Rhys Ford crafts her stories. It’s always such a pleasure to read a story for which each little detail is described with words and phrases which paint a picture in my mind as clearly as if I was watching the story on video.


I highly recommend this to lovers of M/M romance, and especially to those who love a mystery adventure, an emotionally damaged MC and the heroic MC who loves him both despite who is and for who he is. This one will be on my favorites of 2015 list, for sure.

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