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Cardeno C – Just What the Truth Is (Home Series, Book Three)

Just What the Truth Is (Home Collection Book 3) - Cardeno C.

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Ben has spent most of his life doing what he thought he was expected to do, be who he thought he was expected to be and essentially, deny who he is and what he wants most of his life, believing it was right, especially with how rebellious his younger brother was.
Then he meets Micah, and not only is he a powerful and impressive lawyer, Ben’s attraction to him reminds him that no, he cannot convince himself straight!

The story is told from Ben’s point of view.


I didn’t want to like Ben, he appeared in the previous book, Home Again, and the stories told, even though he definitely felt remorse, made it that I didn’t want to like him. Then the author goes and writes this book, and it’s from Ben’s point of view so you get inside his head and I swear each book I read becomes my favorite of this series!


While Ben has been successful in his career, he’s pretty popular and has no problem getting women, he cannot keep them and his internal dialogue indicates how unhappy he is with his life. Then Micah Trains joins the law firm and Ben’s new past time is trying to watch him. As fate would have it, they are both working late one night and decide to go for dinner, the connect easily on a friendly basis and Micah assumes Ben is gay and starts dating him. Ben feels so happy for the first time in his life, he never tells Micah otherwise!


Of course, real life, in the form of Ben’s parents, their expectations and their prejudices, rear their ugly head and rather than share that with Micah, he puts their relationship at risk by avoidance and, in some cases, outright lying.


While the books can be read separately, it is interesting reading Noah and Ben’s stories back to back, what struck me about both characters is that while Noah’s strongest driver was his wish for independence and being himself. On the other hand, Ben wished to belong somewhere and he thought that was with family, which drove his decisions so far, but after time with Micah, he realizes he does not really belong with his parents either and finally realizes maybe he needs to create his place to belong.


I loved this book, Ben worked his way under my skin and all I wanted was for him to get his happiness, whatever that meant. I cried, cringed, melted and on a few occasions, laughed through this book and highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys romance that is not easily achieved, some angst and a lead character that is delightfully flawed that he seems perfect! The story had a great pace, great supporting characters, some of which feature in other Home stories, but again, it is not necessary to read them to enjoy this book, however, I would be quite surprised if someone read one of these books and did not immediately want to read the rest of them!

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