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Scotty Cade – Acting Out

Acting Out - Scotty Cade

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Military


The main reason this didn't quite reach 3-heart-status for me was the lack of a connection or chemistry between the guys. I just didn't believe it, and I'm not sure how much of that was the writing and how much was the narration. The narration wasn't bad, but it just felt so casual. There was only one time that real emotion was brought to a characters voice, as opposed to their usual bantery lilt. But again, the dialogue was also casual and flat, so he didn't have a ton to work with.


It started off good. I liked Eli and was interested to see where things would go for him. He and Hamish developed a quick and believable friendship. Unfortunately, we had a few long conversations that turned into a how-to for gay-for-pay porn. I liked that Hamish was taking Eli under his wing, but it was all too rote and clinical. I couldn't really find any of Eli's scenes sexy because, again, they felt very clinical. And Royce's creepy commentary didn't really help.


Banter is good, but some of the back and forth was so laden with sexual innuendo and so constant that the side characters didn't feel real. The other guys weren't developed at all. I couldn't help but compare this to the amazing gay-porn series by Amy Lane, Johnnies. And the character development just didn't compare.


When our guys finally get together, we finally got some hot sex. And I did start to feel more of a connection between them. But all they do is have sex. They had revealed one big story from their past when they had first met, and none since. And we didn't get to bask in their glory long anyway, because Eli has a sudden change of heart.


Eli's difficulty accepting that he has feelings for a man should have been the climactic drama. But their really wasn't any. Hamish initially pretended to be fine with it, but then quickly decided he was angry instead and just constantly snaps at Eli. And Eli keeps 'forgetting' and doing things to make it more difficult like licking mashed potato off Hamish's finger.


Then instead, the climax is a random stalker plot line that played out fairly obviously and in only about 8 pages. But, with the appropriate life-threatening scenario played out, we get our HEA in a somewhat blase manner.


I dunno, apparently all I have are negatives to say. But I did round up from 2.5 hearts so it couldn't have been all bad. As far as audiobooks go I'd classify it as 'fine'. As far as love stories go I'd classify it as 'meh'. And as far as books go I'd classify it as 'readable but not memorable'. Not a ringing endorsement, but if you've read and liked other things from this author I'm sure you'll be on board.

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