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James Cox – Chaos Unchained

Chaos Unchained - James   Cox

Reviewer: SheReadsAlot

Genre: M/M Sci Fi

3.25 Hearts


Review: "Chaos Unchained" is the first book in James Cox's new series about futuristic bikers. It's the year 3001 and the earth's population lives on Mars. Mostly, Earth has become home for criminals. They're jailed and forced to mine minerals for Mars. Good guys are considered bad and vice versa. It's illegal to drink, be homosexual, have darker skin (in fact slavery comes back). The future is disgusting.


Chaos, a member of the Mars Outlaw MC, is sentenced to Earth prison for six months for drinking alcohol. Chaos likes to fight and is usually angry. Sounds like he'll be a bundle of joy in jail, right?


He fights but falls for a fellow inmate named Beau. Beau is a little slow on the uptake but the book is short...so he follows Chaos' "fat dick" program. For the weeks they spend together, they jump straight into love, fast possessive love.


This story is slightly grittier than Cox's usual fare. He maintained his usual simple , erotic tone. The story is very easy to follow along. It's not my favorite from him but I'm curious enough to read the rest of the series.


I love prison set romances. The Earth prison was different- there was a level just for sex...any and all kinds of man-on-man options. Beau and Chaos have some baggage but the story read pretty light for me. There were a few typos & continuity issues (ex. Beau's in prison for saving a darker skin man from being attacked by his stepfather...but he states his father died before he moved to Mars with his mother. His mother was so heartbroken she died in a few days after his father died. When did she find the time to find Beau a stepfather?)


Overall, the story is hot and easy on the eyes. There wasn't much MC action since the majority of the story is set in prison. If you want a quick story and the Cox's style (it is fun), this might be a story worth checking out.


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