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Lily Pillows – Forbidden Mates

Forbidden Mates: Lesbian Erotic Romance - Lily Pillows

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: FF Paranormal, shifters


Review: Have to put it out there: the pack behavior in this story is harsh. There’s almost a “she was asking for it” vibe to it for a while. Ayame is a wolf shifter who happens to run across Caleb, a shifter from a different pack, who smells that she is in heat and he’s going to fuck her, with or without her permission. She merely stomps on his toes to get away but apparently this is enough for the Alpha of that pack, Caleb’s brother Conri, to demand retribution. “He demands you as payment” and her uncle, Alpha of her pack, has no problem with that. In fact, he makes comments about the way she dresses, that he didn’t believe Caleb would force anyone, that she is advertising that she wants it. This all made me want to hide her away.

She is given to Caleb as a mate and he is already treating her like a whore, promising after he’s done fucking her the Soldiers would get their chance. She defends herself when he forces himself on her again. It’s an ugly situation and she runs from it. It is the Tracker, Freki, who is charged with finding her and bringing her back. I liked Freki and I didn’t. While I understood in a way her reasoning for returning Ayame to the pack, this is something that should have been mentioned before they had sex since I couldn’t help but view Freki in a different light after that.

This is quite a harsh world they live in and I wonder how it will turn out. I would have liked to have more of this, particularly background on the characters and the world, in particular. Is it always that hardcore or is it just these packs? How did the Nightstalkers come about (because that was a really interesting aspect)? Most of all, Freki’s assertion that no one can survive without the pack – is that true?

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