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Jay Northcote – Nothing Special

Nothing Special - Jay Northcote

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Cover Artist Anna Sikorska
Narrator Matthew Lloyd Davies
Length 4 hours and 19 minutes


This was a sweet story about shy, geeky, introverted Noah, a guy who thinks he’s nothing special. He sees a really hot fellow on the commuter train every day, a guy who is tall and dark-haired and wears a zoo uniform.


Noah’s buddy, Dom, convinces him that he should place an ad in the personal column of the local paper that the man reads every day on the train. It might be the only way to see if he might be interested in Noah since he can’t get up the courage to ask the man out.

It works, and Noah is in heaven as they spend the next month together. They’re almost inseparable, and Noah is definitely in love with Sol, who turns out to be as sweet as he is handsome, but Noah still feels like it can’t last because he’s nothing special.


His insecurities cause him to turn down Sol’s offer of moving in together and his self-doubt nearly destroys his chance at happiness.


This was a short, sweet romance with equally sweet characters. The narrator was British, or at least he had a British accent, so he fit the story perfectly. I don’t think this would have worked so well if he hadn’t had that lilt to his voice and the strong British accent. I recommend this to anyone who wants to listen to an M/M romance while on a trip or commute that won’t cause any accidents, but will put a smile on your face.

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