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Julia Matthews – Red Moon Circle

Red Moon Circle: Human Skinned Wolves Book 2 (Human-Skinned Wolves) - Julia Matthews

Reviewer: Missy B

Genre: M/M Paranormal


I found the first half of this story very boring. It wasn’t until about 180 pages in that things got interesting. The characters are okay, but nothing that really makes you want more of them. The editing had real problem, with missing words, wrong tenses, etc, which made for very choppy reading.

For example: “Christian wish he had of” ; “…not only good look, but wonderful inside”; “How did he explain what Brandon done last night”; “Brandon seemed deadest about making his point clear”; “I done as told”’ or “Conceded much” (should be conceited). There were just too many errors.


There was such a build up about confronting Donavan, but the actual battle was a dud. The confrontation with John and Brandon's family was better, however, and there was more to it.


I haven't read book one and don't know if it would have helped, but as it was, I was lost. There was too much here that didn't make sense and a lot of things weren't explained. I don't think I'll be checking out book one or three. I would average it and give 1st half 1 - 2 hearts, 2nd half 2 - 3 hearts

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