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Cardeno C – Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight - Cardeno C.

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: m/m contemporary


Jonathan believes in love in first sight after he glimpses a blue eyed man on a trip to New York City. Unfortunately, after moving to New York to find his dream man, his life takes a few turns he had not planned for and wonders if he should just give up. David is confident and successful, yet has never really had a real relationship, he can’t even seem to commit to finishing his house, but when he meets Jonathan and a wish for more.

The story is told from the alternating points of view of Jonathan and David.


I really liked these characters, while the title and even the synopsis at first seems it will be a bit of a fairy tale, as Jonathan’s life unfolds between 18 and 22, you wish for that fairytale. It is not because his life is that bad, but just because he is such a sweet and caring person, who stills holds his optimism, that you want someone to really care for him as he deserves. Even his secrets, one that is not so secret from his family, do not really come across as dark or bad, although you do wish he would be a bit more assertive!


David is confident without being arrogant, probably because the first two times he appears in the story, he comes across as a very warm and caring person. Since his job has him reading people to determine if there is real interest, he senses Jonathan has something he wants to share but struggles with what it is, and David’s reaction, when he finds out, just fits with the person you have learned he is. His main concern of the relationship they start is their age difference (he is 10 years older than Jonathan), but for all that Jonathan has experienced in his 22 years, he is definitely older than his years!


Of the series so far, this one is probably the feel good story, which is a nice change after the intensity of the last three, but I did not find it overly “fluffy” because the characters still had to deal with creating a relationship when neither of them had done that before. Navigating that with Jonathan’s son, the supporting characters of friends, Jonathan’s family was done very well and again, felt quite real. And the story is a good lesson on why you should be honest with someone, even if you are afraid of potential reaction – they might surprise you!


I would recommend this for M/M fiction fans who like romance and hot scenes – and what is becoming a group of characters you wish you could join for their Sunday brunch!

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