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Barbara Elsborg – The Demon You Know

The Demon You Know - Barbara Elsborg


Genre:m/m paranormal



Tested. Trials. Time.


Ezra has born the brunt of it. He's a horologist in Hell. He can't remember a time before being there, so when the opportunity to go topside presents itself; he's thrilled. Others are not.


Roman judges the paranormals of London. The appointed angel to oversee them all, a plum position. But he is imperfect, and there are always ones waiting for him to fail. Fall.

Ezra's character and backstory were the huge win, here. I was immediately invested in his plight and his struggles, and curious as to how he got to be where he was. His interactions on our plane were enlightening and touching. The relationship with Roman felt over-managed. Roman was a bit of an ass and Ezra took it, which did not thrill me. And then, the sex became rote, a technical instead of sensual experience. In the end, I felt like the two characters were more interesting before they met.


The conclusion felt weak with a rush of fornication even during the most unusual times and in unusual places. More importantly, the reason driving the story was both clever and annoying. Annoying because I've seen this resolution before and while it makes complete sense; it's still manipulated. The very, very ending though... sweet and a bit humorous, too.


Overall, a fast-paced demon/angel story that loses its edge when they meet.


Favorite quote

Each time he found something that verged on the point of making him content or even joyful, he backed away, gave it up, wiped it from his life.


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