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Annabelle Jacobs – A Casual Thing

A Casual Thing - Annabelle Jacobs

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Patrick is going to house sit and then spend summer with his brother, Ben, and he’s excited about it. Until he finds out that his brother’s best friend, who is also Patrick’s long time crush, is going to be there in the spare room. Uh oh. Despite the fact that Patrick really does have feelings for Will and the fact that Will is just out of a relationship, the idea of a casual affair for the next two weeks seems like a good idea.

Of course, you know it’s never that easy to control your feelings. And to that end, the more time they spend together and the more sex they have, the more those feelings start to make themselves known. It’s interesting that Patrick’s friend, Sean, knows almost right away, Patrick doesn’t really do casual. He’s right but Patrick tries. It’s that much more difficult because Patrick has had a crush for years.

Will, now. Hmmm. He really approaches it as a casual thing, wanting to kick Patrick out of his room right after sex and just acting like a general jerk. He claims he pushes Patrick away because he doesn’t want to upset Ben or have a relationship with a student, but really, the guy is just hurtful sometimes. They act like a couple but then Will treats that as a bad thing. I admit to losing a lot of respect for him at one point and sort of hoped Patrick would give Christian a chance. I liked Christian! And when Will pulls a really stupid move with his ex, well, I can only be happy he’s fictional because I really wanted to slap him. He really needs to work on his treatment of people, because he just doesn’t think.

Despite the problem with those pesky feelings interrupting what was supposed to be a no-strings affair, this story has a light, fluffy feel to it. I might have rated it a bit lower because of Will, who sometimes was such a tool I wanted to smack him, but I’d have to up it again for Patrick, who is adorable and for Patrick’s brother, Ben, who is amazing. I don’t have a brother and I feel deprived I don’t have Ben.

This ends more with a HFN but it’s cute and quick, worth it for Patrick and Ben, even if Will doesn’t grow on you!

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