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Avery Cockburn – Play On (Glasgow Lads Book 2)

Play On: A Glasgow Lads Novella - Avery Cockburn

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre:  MM Sports


Prepare to step into the fascinating world of the Glasgow Lads in this debut novella by author Avery Cockburn. You’ll get a full sensory blast as the story comes to life through vivid descriptions, authentic language, and Scottish brogue that will make you swear you are sometimes sitting right on the sidelines of a soccer match in the middle of Scotland – perhaps even one of the adoring Rainbow Regiment rooting for the boys.


The story of Duncan and Brody touches on a few compelling themes which include coming out, bullying, young love, and virginity. It combines some of the natural awkwardness and angst of youth (drunken forays, uncertainty, and vulnerability) with the more adult issues of homophobia, pride, prejudice and love to deliver a charming tale that shows mistakes can be made…and forgiven, fear can be overwhelming…but conquered, and life can be confusing…and wonderful all rolled into one!


By the time you finish this story, I think you’ll find that like me, you are hooked and primed for more Scottish charm (and of course the lure of men in kilts doesn’t hurt either). Sign me up for book number two! I’m very intrigued by the potential for a relationship between John and Fergus, characters who were introduced in this book and definitely have a hurdle or two to overcome on their journey, but it doesn’t stop there. The whole series is on my radar. Until then, follow my lead and check out this first book. Recommended!!

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