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Lisa Worrall – Un-Deniable

Un-Deniable (Left at the Crossroads Book 3) - Lisa Worrall, Meredith Russell

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Oliver is heading to Little Mowbury in search of a job. He has worked at a big city hospital but constantly running into his ex, the mighty surgeon, just makes things too difficult and he’s off for a fresh start in a small village. Of course, as luck would have it, his GPS gives out on the way (I would die without my GPS, so I really felt for him!) and he is trying desperately to read the map and get to his interview on tie. His fears for himself, “His frantic family would end up sticking posters of him around London and he’d eventually be found wandering around a farmer’s field wearing a cabbage leaf hat, up to his neck in sheep sh*t” made me laugh out loud. Again, I’ve been that lost and forever now will picture myself in a cabbage leaf hat. Luckily, he finds the way and so ends up meeting Deano, a little Mowbury farmer.

I admit to ambivalent feelings about Deano. I am not really a fan. He is so push and pull, and regardless of reasons I wanted him to just quit hurting Oliver! When Deano overhears one comment and then pulls the plug on everything, well, loss of respect for him.

It was disappointing that an injury had to be thrown in to get them together, as well as Dean not bothering to ask Oliver what he wanted. He took that one comment of Becky’s as gospel, without staying to hear what Oliver said. That was disappointing. I get that Dean has little self confidence but come on!

The setting here is a star, you can almost picture yourself in the little village where “everyone knows when you fart” but also everyone rallies behind you. It’s a nice addition to the series.

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