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Megan Derr – Midnight (Dance with the Devil #3)

Midnight - Megan Derr


Genre:M/M Paranormal


Review: This was a super fun foray into the past and magic and death and love, I thoroughly enjoyed it. While I still would have liked this if I had read it, the narration was wonderful and I think this is a great series to listen to in audio format. He voice is perfectly British and he captured Devlin's haughty arrogance perfectly, and I loved it!

The structure of giving us the fist half from Devlin's POV and then the second half fromMidnight's was a nice change from the usual back and forth. It allowed us to get to know both MC's, but left the tension of uncertainty as well. Their story is just beautiful and it made it all the richer to see a few snippets into Midnight's pre-draugr childhood, that even he does not remember. Devastating and heartbreaking but makes his relationship with Devlin all the more meaningful.


The plot was interesting and twisty enough to keep me entertained, even though it's all a set-up for the romance. They don't actually get together until the end, which I am totally fine with since they're interactions are still wonderful prior to that. We do get some make-outs and pre-sex stuff, but nothing too in detailed or graphic.


Barra, Niel, and the dragon were great side characters, and I would looooove to see a short with a story about them as well!


PS : Just a little connection with Dance with the Devil, I think Devlin is Chris's uncle (or maybe great Uncle, given the apparent difference in time periods). Devlin has a sister, a witch, who moved to the states, and though her name is never mentioned, she may be Glenys, Chris's mother. Or at least somehow related.

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