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Lynn Kelling – Learning from the Master

Learning from the Master - Lynn Kelling

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: m/m bdsm


You know nothing, boy.


Two vignettes loosely told to set the scene for the upcoming full-length novel. The two scenes give the reader a clear idea of the trajectory of the next book with one scene revolving around Jenner's submission and the second demonstrating that his desire to grow into a Master. Unfortunately, it lacks detail in characterizations and is more telling than showing. That said, there is hot sex with a voyeuristic leaning. Also, I feel a TEASER warning is advised. The sex is abandoned before complete and thus feels half told.

This is definitely a nice dime bag to get one interested in the first book of a new series. On the other hand, $2.99 for 50 pages and two incomplete scenes seems a bit unsatisfying. Having been provided a review copy it's not an issue, but if I'd purchased this I don't know if I would feel like I got my money's worth.


Favorite quote:

“Control,” David said with a squeeze and a twist. “Stop thinking and be present.

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