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K.A. Merikan – No Matter What (Sex & Mayhem #4)

No Matter What - K.A. Merikan

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Biker


This is probably my third favorite, out of the first five books (following book 5 then book 2). It was emotional and full of grey areas, the way we've come to love and expect from this series. The sex was hot, and Ghost didn't hem and haw too long about Luca being a guy, love is love after all. But there were things I didn't love.


Their relationship drama was fairly immature, and based on a lack of communication. To be fair, Luca has never had a real boyfriend and is dealing with some serious emotional baggage at the moment. As understanding as Ghost was with respect to some things, I feel like he could have been more understanding here. Everyone was pretty casual with Luca, and I wanted to scream "you do all realize that he just escaped 5 years of being prisoner and a sex slave, right?!?" But Ghost was dealing with his own issues too. I started getting a little annoyed at him for not speaking up with how he really felt about being in the club, and he was a bit of a push-over and a pussy in some dealings with tougher people. But that only served to emphasize how much he did not fit it.


I loved Tooth and Lucky in their book, but thank God I read that first or I'm not sure I would have liked them as much. They both really pissed me off in this. Tooth just really did not understand Ghost and was not being a good friend, this was rectified in the end, but I wanted to throttle him most of the time. Lucky too, seemed to be naive in how he inadvertently fanned Luca's relationship insecurities and every time he gave 'advice' it basically implied Luca should do something different to 'make his man happy.' That mentality worked in their book, but it really pissed me off here. Again, completely oblivious to the long-standing rape and torture.


But anywho, it worked out in the end. They were sweet together, and I loved the little snippets of conversations between Ghost and Zara that we were shown between each chapter. It really showed you what they meant to each other and set the mood for each chapter.

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