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Cardeno C – Where He Ends and I Begin

Where He Ends and I Begin - Cardeno C.

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Jake and Nate are the same age, they have been friends since birth since their mothers were best friends and the two boys became best friends as well. Jake was the athlete, Nate was the “scary smart” one! Nate came out in 8th grade, first to Jake, who supported him – and if the smart did not make him a bully target, add gay to that and if not for Jake, school would have been a lot more challenging!

The story is told from the alternating points of view of Jake and Nate.


These two men were first introduced in the first Home story, He Completes Me, so that could be a bit of a spoiler for the ending, however, that book does not explain how they came to be a couple or what challenges they had to deal with to get there. Boy, does this book do that in spades!


Okay, this is two in a row where the author had me crying early on in the book! And for anyone who reads my reviews, you know if a book can make me cry, I usually love it! That was the case here, especially with Jake who sees so much and makes some very tough choices before he even finishes high school! Then to put himself on the line to the man he loves, his bestfriend, who then does not believe him!


As the story progresses, they each go back to memories of key events with each other growing up. Nate realized he was gay because of Jake, he always wanted him but felt his feelings were not returned, which is likely why he has such a tough time believing him. Sadly, he also manages to hurt him a few times as well because people make assumptions about Jake and who he is, and Nate had done it as well.


On the other side, Jake thought he’d offered himself, but since it was very clear in his head but not in his actions, Nate has believed Jake is straight all this time – and the number of times he had sex with women while in their teen years only added to Nate’s belief, understandably so!


I don’t want to say too much, but if you have read He Completes Me, you know Jake has a perceived intimidating presence, what I loved about this book is that not only to learn why, but the vulnerability of Jake just under that surface, made this book a favorite in the series.


If you like strong men with soft insides and romance that is full of heart along with misunderstanding, I would highly recommend this book!

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