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The Secrets of a Twin: Forbidden Glades Book 1

Forbidden Secrets (Forbidden Glades Book 1) - Liberty Lace

Reviewer: Barb
M/M Twincest


Twins Tristan and Thad Rose haven’t seen each other in over ten years. Shortly after they graduated high school Thad took off on a backpacking adventure through Europe and Asia, and Tristan went to college and on to become a fashion designer in New York.

They never really got along. For some reason, instead of being the same, as most identical twins are, these two have always been opposites in temperament and personality. Thad came home to his family’s estate, Forbidden Glades, in the bayous of Louisiana a few years before and has kept to himself, doing heaven knows what, but being perfectly content to remain on the estate. Whereas, Tristan is on the fashion scene in New York. Out and proud, he told his family he was gay when he was sixteen. Of course, it helped that he was caught kissing a friend at the time, but he’s exactly what one would picture a flamboyant young gay man to be.


When their parents are killed in an accident, Tristan comes home for the funeral and discovers that his parents have requested that he and his brother share the estate guest house for one year in order to be eligible for their inheritance.


At first upset by this turn of events, the two men decide to accept their fate, and after a friendly evening spent together, Tristan begins to see that Thad isn’t so bad after all. Unknown to him, Thad is in love with him, and has been for years. But it’s not until Thad hands Tristan a stack of letters he wrote, but never mailed while he was backpacking through Europe, the truth finally comes out.


This was unexpectedly good. Unfortunately, many of the “twincest” stories available in the genre are no more than PWP. Not this one, however. In fact, there was no sex in the first half of the story, and there was only one encounter in the second. The story ends on a promise of more to come, including the possibility of BDSM. I liked the characters, the setting, and the storyline, and I do believe I’ll be purchasing book two.


That all being said, this is a fairly short read, and there were some minor edits that were missed and wording that could have been tighter, but overall, it was quite good. I’d recommend it to those who enjoy a twincest story and are willing to commit to following a series.

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