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Ann Anderson – Storming Love: Earthquake Gabriel & Avery

Gabriel & Avery (Storming Love Earthquake Book 1) - Ann Anderson

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Gabriel has spent most of his adult life raising his siblings after the death of their parents. Now that the youngest has moved out, Gabriel is incredibly lonely and sort of adrift. He still goes to his brother’s apartment and brings food. He needs to be needed and he’s suffering from empty nest syndrome. When the big earthquake hits, everyone pitches in to help those in need, including giving Avery and his family a place to stay when their place is destroyed.

There’s a couple of things that I didn’t feel were addressed enough. What was the problem Shelly had with Avery? She is hot and cold and it was disconcerting. The coincidence of why Avery seems familiar was a little reaching for me. I did also wonder how the parents died.

It’s a slow moving story, despite the earthquake back drop, and the focus is more on Gabriel’s inner thoughts than anything. I enjoyed Gabriel very much. He is kind, caring and I empathized with his feeling of being rudderless without someone to care for.

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