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Megan Linden – Storming Love: Earthquake – Derek & Hayden

Derek & Hayden (Storming Love Earthquake Book 2) - Megan Linden

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Derek and Hayden have a history in college of antagonizing each other. Derek is the son of a powerful senator, Hayden is a dedicated environmentalist. When the two are reunited in Alaska at a conference about fracking, things become difficult.

While I did think this was a “second chance” story, it isn’t in a way, since the two had never gotten together in college. They bickered and fought about everything in class but were never together.

The earthquake is sort of in the background here. It’s the vehicle that gets them talking but I didn’t feel it was the focus. When we get the back story of their history I felt bad for Hayden.

The story is short and relatively angst-free with clear writing and a fairly smooth flow. I would have liked to know what happened (Derek’s dad, for example) after the conference.

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