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Charlie Cochet – Rise & Fall (Thirds #4)

Rise & Fall (THIRDS Book 4) - Charlie Cochet


Genre: MM Paranormal


I've listened to all the audio books for this series, so all my previous comments apply with regards to the narration. I think he does a phenomenal job with voice, tone, and emotion, and definitely recommend this as an audio series if you're interested in it.


We have the same lovable cast of characters, and the progression/conclusion of the case/bad guy from the previous book. While still good, this was probably my least favorite of the series so far for a few reasons. Dex and Sloan are pretty stable, which I love, but maybe that makes the book less exciting since we didn't have the relationship drama. But we did get a bit of that through Calvin/Hobbs and Ash/Kale, so I'm hoping the next book will pick up with one of them as the new MC's.


But my main reason, was Dex's irrational behavior. Talk about TSTL. I also wanted to shout at them "THIS is why there is a no fraternization rule!!!" Being in love is great but calm the fuck down and THINK!


Okay, rant over. Don't worry, all is well, and I'm interested to see where they go from here now that they're back on their feet. But I think we're all ready for a new featured couple and a new villain!

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