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Allie Ritch – Just My Type (Vampire Territory #2)

Just My Type (Vampire Territory Book 2) - Allie Ritch

Reviewer: Missy B

Genre: M/F Paranormal

4.25 Stars


This is book two in the series. I put this book away after a chapter to get book one and read that first. I am glad I did because it gave me a better idea of who was who and gave some background on what brought them all together, as well as who belonged to which master. My only issue was Wes and how quickly he changed his tune, for me a little too quick.


This book picks up where book one left off. It starts with a bang and ends leaving you wanting more. Book 1 brought Alex and Lucas and their territories together. It also brought the rest of the characters together for the ride. This book still deals with issues in their territories, but it's about Mel and Eryx. Eventually one big issue/threat comes along that has to be dealt with.

There is a great group of characters. The story moves along well paced and the sex is well written and fits into the story seamlessly. There are some good twists, but who/how the bad guy is getting information needs to come about soon or it'll start getting tedious.

This story has plenty of action from start to end. Where things go with Petrescu & Taspan should be interesting. A big battle seems to be brewing and I look forward to it. Can't wait for book 3.

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