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Angel Martinez – The Pill Bugs of Time

The Pill Bugs Of Time (Offbeat Crimes) - Angel Martinez

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: M/M Cops


Vikash (Kash) Soren is perceived as the perfect police officer – aside from his odd paranormal ability fueled by his temper, which he strives to not lose as a result. However, appearances are not always what they seem and he is conflicted, wanting to have a real relationship with Kyle, but afraid of outside judgment which he has encountered most of his adult life. However, his silence creates a chasm between him and Kyle. Rather than talk it out, he remains silent, but before they can move ahead or end it, their latest case leads to a stick throwing tumbleweed, pill bugs and….time travel?
The story is told from Kash’s point of view.


A great follow up to the Lime Gelatin book, with a mix of drama, adventure and humor. This one may possibly be even better than the first since you are now introduced to the characters and it is a continuation of their story – like a great series where you look forward to each episode, what they will be dealing with this time, whether it will be more humor or action or drama. Larry the Ghost is back making coffee that no one drinks, Carr and Amanda feature again (maybe they need their own feature, and maybe a happy ending?) and Leather Jacket returns and even gets a nickname, LJ, and a job! You also get a new character – the purple caterpillar that gets named Tim – paying homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail!


I liked that the story was from Kash’s point of view this time and his struggle to deal with feelings, which, by his own admission, his inability to express them have sabotaged most of his relationships. He is always worried about outside opinion, and despite being told a few times that this precinct is different, he is still cautious, sometimes to the point of paranoid of “what will people think”. This frustrates Kyle as he understands that work is work and has no problem with that, but he’d like them to behave like they are dating outside work, and not just safely behind the walls of Kash’s apartment.


While this is a pretty serious story, as with life, humor comes out at unusual times and for me, one of the best lines from the book reads “like throwing a chocolate unicorn in a locked room of starved squirrels” – such a great line! And yet, even with lines like that and the quirks of various characters, this is a dramatic fantasy story and again, although a short story, the scenes are complete and feel as though you can step into them! And I think one of my favorite things is the fact that although these characters behave in the precinct like a bunch of siblings with their arguments, when they are on the job, they are definitely a team who know each others skills and take care of each other when they push too far.


I don’t know how many books are planned in the series, but I am looking forward to reading more of these characters and what their next case may be! I don’t want to share too much more detail of the story as I think that reveals too much but I will say I enjoyed this one as much, if not more, than Lime Gelatin – although I now hope to not come across a pill bug, harmless as they may be in normal circumstances!!!


I would recommend this for fantasy fiction M/M fans who like the action, drama, romance, humor and some hot scenes – not something you can always say about a book!

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