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Jay Northcote – Nothing Ventured

Nothing Ventured - Jay Northcote

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre:M/M Contemporary


While I didn't find this to be earth-shattering, it was a completely enjoyable and low-angst read that was great as an audio due to the pacing, the narration, and the ease of popping in and out of the story.


Basically, Aiden has the hots for his seemingly straight running partner, who turns out to be not quite so straight after all. Neither want anything serious, so they enter into a friends-with-benefits situation. However, given that they're running together a few times a week in preparation for a Mad Mucker run, they both get a little too invested.


I enjoyed their dynamic and light banter, perhaps enhanced by the narrators beautiful English accent. The sex scenes were done very well also (sometimes they can come across as either flat or creepy in an audio).


The ending worked well, although I am definitely glad there was an Epilogue. Without it I would have absolutely felt that things ended too abruptly. As it was, the ending was a little cliche and easy, but I was okay with it because I liked our guys and was glad it worked out.


And this was obviously well written, since by the second chapter I had gotten my lazy ass onto the elliptical! Aiden's myriad of excuses sounded all too familiar and it gave me a little kick in the rear!

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