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Cardeno C – The One Who Saves Me

The One Who Saves Me - Cardeno C.

Reviewer: Diane

Genre:M/M Contemporary


Andrew and Caleb became bestfriends at 14, which is where the story begins and travels through the years of their friendship and all the ups and downs of life that entails. Since they are bestfriends, when they come out to each other, they also feel they have a safe space to learn and experiment with their sexuality and come back to when life throws them. It strengthens their friendship since there is no one that knows them better than they know each other, but it does put blinders on them as well.

The story is told from the alternating points of view of Andrew and Caleb.


Andrew’s family foundation is shaky, his father is a doctor who cheats on his Mom, and while he loves his Mom, he does not respect the fact she stays with a cheater. He is beyond his years in intelligence and graduates early, heading to college early and going into medicine, although he chooses a different specialty than his Dad nor does he go to the hospital where his Dad works. He wants a relationship, yet, somehow, always seems to find someone who will cheat on him and then it’s over.


Caleb is very close to his Mom and that connection likely led him to his career as a designer and a career in New York City. Caleb does not seem as determined to find a life partner, he has his bestfriend and while lovers may come and go, he believes friends are forever. The unspoken rule between Andrew and Caleb is that when one is in a relationship, they don’t fool around with each other.


There are so many things to say about this story and amongst them are that at some point, possibly several points, of the book, you will want to shake one or both of them for not seeing what is right in front of them! Especially when Caleb notices that each time Andrew is cheated on, he gets something tattooed or pierced – and he can name each person they can be “credited” to, until the last two. The two men are much more than friends with benefits and prove that over and over again with how much emotion is invested for each of them. At the same time, I would call this the sex book of the series since almost every time they get together, unless one is in a relationship, they seem to be having sex!


The book is so well written, it is heart warming and heartbreaking, particularly with Andrew when he decides maybe his mother is right and he should not expect faithfulness in a relationship.


I would recommend this for M/M romance fans who like a bit more sex in their romances, but also for those who enjoy stories with likeable but challenging characters!

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