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Kay Walker – By Way of Vegan Donuts

By Way of Vegan Donuts - Kay Walker

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Simon moves to Alberta to help out his widowed sister-in-law at her bookstore. When he is given a welcome gift of a vegan donut, he’s willing to go outside his comfort zone a bit and get to know the baker, an outgoing sweetheart named Benji.

Definitely loved the fact that Simon is a vegan and that Benji is respectful of that. Simon really is sweet, trying to do the right thing for Barbara and his niece, making sure there is no problem with him dating and everything.

This is a fluffy story of two charming men who meet and get to know each other. No angst, no miscommunications. Just sweet. And when Benji surprises Simon at the restaurant, I totally understood how excited he was – I’ve had that experience! The story is just really cute.


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